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Collaborative activity: Persépolis Oziel Calvillo Carlos de la Peña Juan Antonio Fuentes Víctor Ruiz Questions: 1. Is there anything surprising to you in this film? 2. Is there anything confusing? 3. Why did Marjane and her family challenge the Shah’s regime? 4. What did they expect the revolution to bring? How did the outcome differ from their expectations? 5. What attitude does Marjane have towards God? 6. Describe Marjane’s family. What is her social class? How representative do you think her experiences were? 7. How did different people, including Marjane and her family, challenge the new Islamic regime? 8. What effects did the Iran-Iraq war have on Marjane and her family? How did they cope during this time? 9. Again, think specifically about the depictions of women and their relationship to the veil (or chador) in this book Answers: 1. Yes, the fact that the people in the movie talk about death, repression and war in such a simple way, like if they considered it an everyday thing, which in that time… it was. Even so, the different ideologies and how easily a person is influenced by the changes in their ways of thinking just by listening to another person that is older. (Marjane’s case.) 2. Yes, the reason why Marjane started turning the way she turned, a revolutionary-independent woman, but even more the fact that she did a little of revelations but more in a personal way instead of doing something else in order to do it more public. 3. Mainly because Marjane’s grandfather fought for the liberties for the people of Iran, and of the communist ideas that their uncle had learned in the USSR, also because they wanted more liberty and independence for all of their family, and because the Shah was also a person that didn’t made the things he said he was going to do. 4. They thought that everything was

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