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Miami School District Negotiation Paper MGT 445 – Organizational Negotiations February 9, 2012 Thomas Wilson Miami School District Negotiation Paper The Miami School District has started the process of rezoning students in their district due to increase in enrollment. To balance population students will be rezoned to schools that are under populated. Unfortunately, under this plan many students will not attend the present school. Rezoning the students is a good plan for the school district, but for the students involved could be overwhelming. Parents and guardians of the students attending the schools are not content with the plan and are objecting it. Parents and guardians concerns with the rezoning plan are that the quality…show more content…
The school board has to take these factors into consideration when planning and discussing the rezoning of students. During the negotiation process the issue of ethics and culture and the impacts it will have on the students cannot be taken for granted. The school board has to stand firm on their decisions and not allow economic status to gain power. Public schools are for all students not just the wealthy. The parents should view that a diversity school can help the students for the real world. The students will have the opportunity to learn from different cultures and understand differences. The school board has to use everything on their disposal to satisfy all stakeholders. Conclusion The Miami School District negotiation process for the rezoning of the students will have detractors due to personal issues discussed by the stakeholders. However, the school district can go one step further and deal with one-to-one cases to eliminate issues surrounding the rezoning. The main issue with the parents was the transportation and the school board has the solution to increase in buses available for the students. Overall, the rezoning plan should be effective for all stakeholders and learning experience for the students as they enter the real
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