Miami School District Negotiation Essay

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Miami School District Negotiation Faith Lovette MGT/445 Date Steven Knabe University Of Phoenix Miami School District The reason for this document is to help recognize negotiation strategy, which was to put into place to help Miami School District. In other word, this also agrees with recognizing economical and cultural differences that rezoning may affect. However, Miami school district came to a decision to redraw the school presence limitations. Although, this solution was establish on a larger digit of the applications for enrollment. With this being, a positive for the school technique might cause unclaimed problems for parents. The student’s ability of dealing with a new school can be issues that may be in effect. So many parents have gather together to go up against the rezoning of the school region. This is based on the quality of education at new schools, enhances travel for children and problems with socioeconomic diversity. Causes So many parents are not pleased with the school district arrangement for re-zoning the schools. Several adversary senses that re-zoning will reduce the education their adolescent obtains. The single solution is the need of information that concerns the staff of an innovative school. By busing, students to schools will add to travel time to region away from their residence. It is a possibility that traveling distant away the residence can affect the needs of the students and parents. Ultimately, several parents who are in wealthier region will decide whether to enroll their kids in private school rather than to have their children blend in with lower economic grade students. However, several parents are worried that the lower earnings students will affect their child’s capability to study and worry about their security. In the meantime, this issue takes the place of how children deal with diversity and
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