Mgt600 Unit 1

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Nichelle James Unit 1 Decisions Making Models Business Research for Decision Making MGT600 Ronald Rojas January 12, 2014 Formal Research and Business Proposal Part 1 Compare and contrast of theoretical and practical differences between “formal research “and” business proposal “ To compare and contrast formal research and business proposal I needed to get a better understanding of what the two criteria’s meant. According to Sekaran, Bougie (2013), formal research is a systematic, organized, critical, objective, injury, data-based, specific problem, to find answers to specific problem. In a business proposal you have to have written document or demonstrate an offer or idea to get a potential buyer. Companies use this method to get give examples and understanding to the buyer to get them to understand what the idea is, how it will help the business, and how much it will be to get it started. The main point is to let the know buyer why this will be the best interest of the company to invest in this proposition. Therefore in the written or demonstrated offer it very important to give example of the difference and similarities between the two elements. The former research is when you search for the solution and the main…show more content…
The main point to a proposal is to get a clear understanding to your reader or potential buyer. Proposal should be well prepared with a summary of a description that will show what good service that will be provided to the consumer, an administration plan need to always be in place implemented the objectives and resources , business qualification corresponding with the service you are proposing. It is very important that a business proposal is well prepared so that the buyers want get confused and lose interest then you will have to work harder to persuade

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