Mgt311 Week 2 Individual Assignment

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Employee Portfolio: Management Plan MGT 311 Cara L Montarsi Employee Portfolio: Management Plan As a manager at Riordan Manufacturing, it is my responsibility to develop ways to help manage the employees. Three employees were selected at Riordan Manufacturing to take self assessments to identify the best ways to aide in managing them. Each employee took the How Satisfied I Am with My Job, What's My Emotional Intelligence Score, and Am I Deliberate Decision Maker assessments. After the assessments are completed an Employee Portfolio is created for each employee. The portfolio is used to make recommendations to help in developing the employees. The recommendations include recommendations for additional assessments to be acquired by the employees. Each employee characteristics is examined to show how they will benefit the performance of the organization. The three employees selected are Mike McCarthy, Chris Williams, Serenity Martin. Mike McCarthy shows a general satisfaction with job. To increase job satisfaction to above average, management will need to pursue in showing appreciation of Mike's accomplishments at the workplace along with creating advancement opportunities for him. The job satisfaction score on the assessment is only average, it is recommended by management that the employee takes the How Are You Feeling Right Now Assessment. This assessment will identify if the employee has job dissatisfaction or has dissatisfaction of life. By having this assessment, management will be able to further aide in improving job satisfaction by having the necessary information to direct employee in direction of having the best positive results. Chris Williams also scored an average

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