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“A group is defined as two or more individuals, interacting and interdependent, who have come together to achieve particular objectives. Groups can be either formal or informal,” states Robbins and Judge. There are many differences between the terms, groups and teams. In this following paper there will be distinct distinction between the two terms. Groups are a random cluster of people that are put together to do the same project or task. For example, a group of people that work at a company are to complete a financial report for a client and they each turn in their portion. There is not a significant amount of interaction and the ending product is basic. The work is completed but the group of people construed only their thoughts to the product and minimal (if any) ideas from colleagues. Some people that enjoy to work alone this is the preferred spot for them to be in to complete a task. A team is a collection of people that inspire to work together to complete a goal to the maximum quality as an ending product to present. For example, a team worked collaboratively together to complete a financial report for a client. The team sits down and brainstorms ideas and put a strong emphasis to create a report that includes charts outlining particular categories of interest. The client in return is elated about the detailed diagrams and effort that was put into the report. The finished product in teams is more enhanced than group outcomes because it merges diverse points of views together with more communication. Workplace diversity is imperative to obtain various ideas. This includes people from different backgrounds such as religions, ethnicity, nationality, sex, age, and disabilities. The key is for everyone to attain a non-judgmental attitude because narrow-minded tunnel vision will not make any positive outcomes. Occupations that embrace the
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