Mgt230 Week 2 Reflection

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Week 2 Reflection: Six stages of decision making Throughout our lives we will be faced with difficult and challenging decisions, in order to make the best possible choices our text outlines the six stages of decision making which are: 1. Identify and diagnose the problem 2. Generate alternative solutions 3. Evaluate alternatives 4. Make the choice 5. Implement the decision 6. Evaluate the decision I have found this information extremely useful because it provides a clear roadmap and a best practice approach to decision making. In the past I have used similar steps but in a very subconscious manner, as a result in both my personal and professional life I did not necessarily consider the best possible decision mainly because I did not spend time generating and evaluating potential alternatives once I had identified the problem. Also, I think the sixth step related to the evaluation of decisions is also very important and one that I personally struggled sometimes to implement in fact, at times I found myself implementing a decision but never followed through to evaluate if my decision did provide the desired impact and resolved the problem identified in step one. In my professional career I am always facing the need to diagnose and solve problems and the six stages of decision making have given me an opportunity to better understand how I can deploy a consistent method that will allow me to identify an issue, brainstorm potential alternatives, implement the best possible option and then create a feedback system that will allow me to gauge the effectiveness of my decision. This process can also be deployed in a team setting environment in fact I recently faced an issue at work and called a team meeting to discuss action items. During our meeting I followed the six stages of decision making and we were able not only to clearly define the issue at

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