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Risk Matrix highlights for the Xemba Translations Telecommuters Expansion Project This risk assessment is not meant to detail all of the risks identified by the project team, but rather to give an in depth look at just a few. To see the comprehensive list please see the Risk Assessment Matrix. Schedule The project has a tight timeline in order to reach all the completion goal date, and this presents a huge risk to a successful and on-time completion of the project. Since one of the main goals of the project is to have the increased numbers of telecommuters start in the third quarter, which means the project must be user-ready by June 30. There are over 170 employees who’s telecommuting ability hinges on the successful completion of the project, and by extension every single one of their clients will feel the impact if the timeline isn’t met. If there are any difficulties with setup inside the employee’s homes there isn’t a large margin to send new equipment or for the IT group to make it each employee having difficulties before the third quarter begins. The impact would be to have potentially the entire 170 employee’s telecommuter workforce unable to get any meaningful work done. The IT staff would be spread thin and likely cause an increased cost in travel, hotels and overtime for those IT staff who must travel. Client satisfaction and retention could suffer due to longer wait times and lack of company responsiveness due to a decreased work staff if the telecommuters aren’t available. Because this risk is such a lynchpin to the project’s success, the probability of occurrence is very low. The initial action is to have weekly status meetings, with additional meetings scheduled as needed to monitor and bring additional resources to the table if remaining target dates and milestones aren’t going to be hit. This will also be the plan to mitigate the risk
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