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Xerox Corporation Organizational Realignment MGT/521 Xerox Corporation Organizational Realignment According to MarketLine, Xerox Chief Operating Officer Ursula Burns stated the company mission as “we’re at the heart of the enterprise small to large, giving our clients the freedom to focus on what matters most their real business” (2014). To understand this, as business professionals must also understand the history, the focus, and analysis the vertical growth of this company and to consider if an organizational realignment is in fact warranted and would be sustainable. From our readings and research of the Xerox Corporation materials, we conclude that the Xerox Corporation has a growing focus within the Healthcare Industry and is striving to develop their growing corporate market share. To have…show more content…
Xerox claims to have more than 140,000 employees and operates in 180 countries. Additionally, they have reported revenues of $21.4 billion dollars in 2013 and have invested $600 million or 3.2% of that revenue into research and development. They also have a reported income of 1.2 billion and an earnings per share of $.91. Furthermore they have provided a company history that included information that the company was founded in 1906 by Haloid Xerox, as the Haloid Company. The original company name was Haloid Xerox up until 1958 and became known as Xerox Corporation in 1961. The corporation then acquired Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) in 2010 (Xerox (2014). Because of their position within the industry and based upon Zacks Equity Research, Xerox’s focus will be to accomplish the company goals through the strategic plan of “increasing revenues through vertical markets like health care” and focusing on the “increased demand for connectivity and mobility” (2013). In this concentration of strategic planning the Xerox Corporation has

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