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Running head: TEAM DIVERSITY – BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS AND PRODUCING RESULTS Team Diversity – Building Relationships and Producing Results Melissa D. Goulding University of Phoenix – MGT/521 Team Diversity – Building Relationships and Producing Results In the workplace, diversity is something management will work for in order to create a healthy, productive work environment. In everyday life, diversity is seen by all walks of life, in every situation one can encounter. In the classroom, diversity brings us together towards a common goal or result. Learning about one another, from one another, and with one another makes much more than a team, it is the most important ingredient in creating a successful…show more content…
Melissa Goulding comes from the ever growing, patient oriented healthcare industry. Medical Income Concepts, Inc. is the leading anesthesia practice management company in the Houston area. Melissa’s background comes from an environment in which all employees are encouraged to reach their full potential as efficient and effective team members so that the company can reach its full potential as an efficient organization and valued customer resource. Mark Pauls has been with the Department of Defense for over twenty years and also has a background with the United States Navy, Army and Air Force. Shannon Snipes has gained experience in both the retail and customer service areas by working for Starbucks, GEICO, and The University of Phoenix. Lastly, Victoria Spandosa is an entrepreneur heading a technology consultation based company specializing in grants for community projects. A diverse team make up should consist of various backgrounds and experiences that ultimately compliment each other. This interaction between team members’ previous experiences causes constant discussion and brainstorming. In the end, all the parts come together to create the desired end result or goal of completing a team project or
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