Mgt 521 Organizational Planning Assessment Activity

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Organizational Planning-Assessment Activity MGT/521 Karen M. McCarthy March 8, 2015 Instructor: Emma Kamarah Abstract In any business, whether it is corporate, government, profit, or nonprofit, planning is an important managerial role. Managers are involved with varying styles of organizational planning to strategically navigate his or her company towards successful and profitable futures. Operational planning is reliant on a complete understanding of the series of variables that are involved in each relationship and decision with a workforce from varying levels of a company. With NII Holdings, Inc.'s organizational structure, the organizational planning is developed on the operational and strategic plans of the SWOT analysis. Organizational Planning - Assessment Activity Providing mobile communications for Latin American business customers, NII Holdings Inc. is one of the foremost operators headquartered in the United States. The company also operates in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Argentina under the Nextel brand. The company offers completely incorporated wireless communications gear with digital cellular voice and information services, a digital two-way radio, and wireless internet access. Company Overview…show more content…
Each area must define its own objectives and goals and how to achieve them. The objectives defined should be evaluated by the strategic planning area to ensure the changes are compatible with the company's annual budget. Employee engagement and communication should be carried out by a group of internal communication processes (intranet, mailings, videos, e-learning, and internal campaigns). This way, the company's internal team has a wider view of the company and is able to comprehend and create objectives in its specific departments to achieve the goals

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