Mgt 498 Week 4 Research Paper

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Competitive Advantages Paper Jeremy L Thompson MGT/498 October 13, 2014 Michael Mancini Competitive Advantages Paper This paper will compare the three businesses Banfield, VCA Antech, and Riordan manufacturing. With a look into their advantages and disadvantages will show which company has gone the furthest. Common competitive advantages & competitive strategies The one advantage that stands out that all three use great customer service as most business their matos are a happy customer is willing to pay. These three businesses are always looking for new ideas as Banfield and VCA focus on animal health care Riordan provides the bottles that prescriptions and major controlled drugs are distributed. Knowing that they can work together and help two legged animals as well as the four legged kind because without the owners there would be no accounts receivable right.…show more content…
With today’s economy everyone is looking for a good deal. This strategy would allow promotional deals and bring in more revenue. Vitez (2014), “Many businesses develop pricing strategies to maintain a competitive advantage. These include penetration, economy, skimming, bundle and promotional strategies. Penetration pricing uses low initial prices to gain market share and slowly increases the price to its normal level. Economy pricing offers basic products that have the lowest customer price possible. Skimming is a price strategy in which companies set high initial product prices that decrease to match lower prices from new competitors. Bundle pricing is a strategy where companies include several different products under one price. This allows a business to provide more products to consumers at a slightly lower price. Promotional pricing strategies may allow businesses to offer additional benefits to consumers, such as a buy-one-get-one-free business
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