Mgt 498 Week 4 Ethics Paper

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Ethics paper Amanda Tatom MGT/498 November 24, 2014 Richard Arriaga Ethics According to Wheelen and Hunger (2010), “Ethics is defined as the consensually accepted standards of behavior for an occupation, a trade, or a profession” (Chapter 3). The discussion of business ethics is always filled with the reminders of the past of large companies that altered numbers for the benefit of the profit margin in order to allow for stocks to go up and bring in more investors. A code of ethics is important to have as a guide of what the company’s direction is. Ethics and social responsibility If the focus of social responsibility is taken from Milton Friedman or Archie Carroll the consensus is that a business does have…show more content…
CEO Dennis Kozlowski, CFO Mark Swartz, and CLO Mark Belnick all received $170 million in low-to-no interest loans that the shareholders did not approve ("Investopedia", 2014). They also authorized the sale of 7.5 million shares without the knowledge of its board of directors. Kozlowski used much of these funds for an extremely lavish lifestyle ("Investopedia", 2014). He even threw his wife a $2 million dollar birthday party on a private island and had a celebrity perform ("Investopedia", 2014). During an investigation there were many questionable accounting transactions that were brought up, such as large executive bonuses as well as many loans for large amounts of money that were later forgiven without repayment. Kozlowski and Swartz were sentenced to 8 – 25 years in prison ("Investopedia", 2014). Then a lawsuit against Tyco cost the company $2.92 billion in repayment to its investors ("Investopedia", 2014). The biggest issue here was allowing for a CEO and CFO to have too much access to funds. A protocol should be in place that when a sale of stocks is made and no one authorized it then a full audit should take place from a third party or if a loan is going to be made then more then just the CEO and CFO’s approval needs to be given. In this case it seems as if the CEO and CFO were doing their own thing and the rest of the company and board of directors allowed

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