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Needs Assessment for Quality Improvement Paper University of Phoenix April 9, 2009 MGT/449 Needs Assessment for Quality Improvement Paper I am currently employed at Smile Head Start Center. As an organization that has been around for a long time in some areas within the organization are in need of major improvements. The process that was chosen to make improvements on is timekeeping. Timekeeping on a job is very essential to the payroll of an organization. At Smile Head Start the current system of time keeping is outdated and often subjected to human error and manipulation. Payroll is often a company’s major disbursements; therefore the timekeeping must be accurate. Timekeeping is the act of keeping track of an employee’s…show more content…
The tool that will be utilized to present the data as to whether or not the E-Time is more beneficial to the organization is a In the simulation Quality Management and Productivity a company Sergio’s Corporation had some severe quality issues. Sergio’s corporation was once favored by their customers for variety of products and their timely execution. In the simulation I was asked to help consult the company to get to the source of the problem and implement new ways to improve their declining quality rating from consumers who have began to decline the company’s products. The first issue was to pinpoint the quality issue. In my assessment of the issue it was my opinion that the quality issue came from welding the actual problem derived from stamping. When presented with the question what is the major problem arose from I selected the machine as the major problem and the tonnage as an issue. Although these were good decision for the company I failed to recognize that sheet metal thickness as a minor cause. When dealing with the supplier issue I opted to drop supplier C and switch to suppliers A+B temporarily and try e-buying. MY decision was not the best solution for the company could create some unnecessaryproblems. In an effort to improve the company my decision was to Create problem solving groups ,Link quality controls to employees and delegate authority to employees .However these were good choices for the company I should have chosen to develop a comprehensive quality product and hire and HR consultant .These would have been the best solution to improving the

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