Mgt 448 Week 4 Individual Assignment

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Case Study – Merrill Lynch in Japan Name University of Phoenix MGT/448 September 12, 2011 Instructor Merrill Lynch in Japan The globalization movement created globalized economy that expanded the level of confidence of most powerful financial management company in the United States, Merrill Lynch, to establish private client services business in Japan. The move is bold because Japanese government restrict citizens from purchase of foreign stock and securities. In addition, Merrill Lynch is having very difficult time hiring talented advisors because four Japanese owned brokerage houses dominates the market. In this era of globalization, when every aspect of the economy and business are keen to expand, integrate, and collaborate with other parts of the world, many companies and corporate are also becoming global by expanding their branches in other countries for the business interest’s sake. The expansion to Japan result in major losses. Merrill Lynch re-entered the private client services market in Japan in 1998 when Japanese government allowed investment of stocks and financial instruments by its citizens. Merrill Lynch experienced market defeat, re-entry success, and instabilities after re-entry, it saw the potentials of exposing Japanese consumers with services that is in its infancy for development, therefore, challenges abound during start up periods in lieu for potential windfall of gaining majority foothold of the private client services market by introducing U.S. born stocks, mutual funds, and other products to Japan. According to Merrill Lynch’s President of Japan, Jiro Seguchi, Merrill Lynch alone with Bank of America is poised for connecting its Japanese customers to the world with enhance outreached in the world financial market and liquidity to fund (Merrill Lynch, 2013). Merrill Lynch also developed over 60

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