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Labor Relations MGT/431 - Human Resources Management August 25, 2010 Labor Relations The economy of today limits the power of unions within an organization. Priorities of businesses focus on staying in business not the threat of unions. Open communication between businesses, employees, and labor relations is vital to the strategy of any company. This paper will define union and labor relations and the affect on organizations. This paper will also observe the effect of changes in employee relations strategies, policies, and practices on performance. Last, the paper discusses the question of if unions are still valid in the United States. Define union and labor relations and their impact on organization The definition…show more content…
For some individuals, the answer is yes. “The existence of trade unions still maintains an important counterbalance in even non-union employers, improving wages, benefits, workplace conditions, as well as reducing capricious management abuses” (Meyer, 2009, para. 3). The belief that unions are for the workers is still accurate. Employees in a unionized shop seem to receive better pay and benefits than non-unionized shops. Policies are in place for grievances. When contract time comes around, union representatives work with management to negotiate benefits, wages, and other working condition related…show more content…
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