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Decision in Paradise Decision in Paradise Part Three MGT/350 Janice Johnson February 8, 2011 Kurt Sikler Decision in Paradise Reflecting back to Decision in Paradise part one and two, exposed, discover the issue, describing criteria, targets and reasons, estimating the consequences of the dilemmas. According to the first and second phase of this estimation, there will be several proposals that National Health care can use to continue to accelerate in its development to the island of Kava. However, describing a point of view and plan for the implementation for reconstruction of National Health care to establish a greater presence in Kava by understanding the factors affecting decision…show more content…
Government officials must work hard with National Health care to get its economy back to normal. As for what is good for the company and what is good for the people in Kava, it is recommended that no matter what and how, Kava has to be reconstructed. During the process the CEO, the Strategic Planning Manager, and Nik have concluded that cleaning up the mess, providing food and shelter, transportation and other assistance the people in Kava will benefit from the reconstruction of Kava. The CEO believed that Kava have done many things for other organizations in other parts of the world. The reason is Chris (CEO) of National Health care want to give something back to Kava because of the good things Kava has done for other countries. The government was seeking assistance from NHC because it is a profitable business to accommodate them in their social needs (Decision in Paradise, 2011). The reason for that is because through NHC’s growth it has demonstrated that it can develop and manage a ineffectual highly efficient organizational structure and processes (Decision in Paradise,

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