Mgt 342 Case 2 Studying Essay

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ABSTRACT THE RESPONSIVE ROLES OF CAMPUS ART MUSEUMS/GALLERIES IN URBAN PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES: A CASE STUDY ON ORGANIZATIONAL ADAPTATION TO CHANGING EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT This study examines how a campus art museum within an urban public university responds and adapts to competitive external environments by utilizing Kim S. Cameron's theory of organizational adaptation as a conceptual framework. Lehman College Art Gallery (LCAG) in New York City was chosen for this specific case study based on institutional type, geographical distribution, organizational mission, and community engagement. In this study, Cameron's adaptation approaches of population ecology, life cycles, strategic choice, and symbolic action were developed into four major subsidiary questions to raise the issues and guide this case study_ The relevant methods utilized in this study are interview questionnaires, documents and archive reviews, web materials, and data analysis. Conclusions and recommendations are made summarizing the importance ofthe adaptation of campus art museums/galleries. The purpose of this study is to determine whether or not changes in external resources impact the survival of campus art museums/galleries in urban public universities. It is hoped that the outcome of this study encourages research that helps us better understand the field ofcampus art museums/galleries and eventually improve their future evaluation, innovation, and reform, especially with regard to future adaptation. 11 Acknowledgements I would like to acknowledge Drs. Joseph Stetar, Martin Finkelstein, and Petra Chu for accepting to serve as my committee members and for your great guidance and encouragement. My deepest gratitude goes to my mentor Dr. Stetar for giving me the opportunity to pursue this program of study. Special thanks to my beloved mother, husband, Chen-ping, and my sons,

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