Mgt 311 Week Four Paper

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Groups, Teams and Conflict ETH/316 Work groups and work teams are two different strategies that can be used to achieve certain goals, objectives or tasks. Note that the two are different in a sense which depends on the expected results through contributions from each individual, or a contribution as a whole. First, work groups are when individual tasks are given and each individual has a responsibility of completing that task. Therefore credit is given to each individual who performs their required task or objective which the group needs to complete a goal or objective. Work teams can be defined as individuals coming together to help one another and motivate one another to accomplish a main goal, objective or task. An example of a work group would be a professional sports team (behind the curtains, not the players) who offer the players different services, whether it be cleaning the field up before and after each game, sports nutritionists, sports therapy and so forth. These different groups each have a job to do to keep the players in shape, healthy and prepared. The work team could be the actual players. Soccer for example, uses all eleven players on the field to work as a team through passing, strategy and technique to win the soccer match. Looking back from the past to the present, I have been involved in multiple work groups. One that I am able to talk about is my managing position at the bowling center on Beale AFB. I am a part of the Air Force’s 9th Force Support Squadron, which is a “Services” oriented organization for the Air force. Each base has a “Force Support Squadron” organization, which handles all of the facilities that have to do with recreation, morale, food and lodging. My facility is the bowling center and I work as a civilian there. I am in charge of all bowling operations and my other staff member, who is the mechanic is in charge of

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