Mgt 311 Week 5 Communication

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Answers to Seminar activities FOB Week 5 Communication Activity 1: Communication This is on p. 179 of the Key Text (2007) but don’t let students look until they have had a go themselves! Many students are amazed to discover the true meanings of these words, although they should also bear in mind that when they use them correctly they may not be correctly understood. The last word in the list is an example of jargon (in our own field of academia) again a worthwhile discussion topic – who understands the jargon used in organisations | |Word |Meaning |Popular usage | |1 |Decimate |Cut by 10 per cent (clue is “dec… = a…show more content…
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This is the process operating when the tutor explains the assignment. • Depending on student's previous experiences and expectations, their perceptual filters will interfere with the message that they receive. • Both the tutor's verbal and non-verbal communication – in particular, aspects of paralanguage such as emphasis – will communicate which bits of the instructions are most important. Verbal communication varies in its accessibility for students, as they may have different levels of understanding of the instructions (especially if English is not their first language). Non-verbal language may support or contradict verbal messages. • Once students start to share their understanding of what the tutor said, there is potential for clarification. However, noise may interfere with the communication process. • When the students ask the tutor for clarification they receive feedback on their initial interpretation of the message, which may reinforce the alignment between the tutor's message and the student's understanding of the message, provided that the tutor maintains message

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