Mgt 311 Week 4

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Team Strategy Plan The team formation strategy that is most suitable for Riordan Manufacturing would be Discussing / Establishing / Documenting Roles and Responsibilities (such as the facilitator, leader, recorder and participant). This is the best strategy because being able to effectively understand the importance of establishing and implementing team roles and responsibilities; implementing strategies for developing and clarifying your team’s and your individual roles and responsibilities; negotiate deadline and expectations. Establishing team roles and responsibilities, keeps teams and individuals from establishing clear roles and responsibilities is not a lack of desire to do it, but rather a lack of knowledge of how to approach such a task. The potential barriers that may arise during team formations will be unclear team and individual roles and responsibilities can result in; differing and/or unclear expectations; interpersonal conflicts between team members and/or leader; resentment and blame and important tasks are missed and/or there maybe a duplication or effort around a task. I would address these barriers by clearly defining the roles for everyone on the team, by allowing them to ask questions and answering them in a clear concise manner, I will follow up with every team member and them their duties in writing. These measures will be put in place to evaluate if the team is operating successfully are monitoring progress, evaluating success, involving everyone, choosing your methods, making use of appraisals. Monitoring progress involves effective use of systems, procedures and processes that enable you to be sure of the smooth of the action plans. Evaluating Success is to take time, after your goals have successfully been achieved, to analyze your achievement of these goals. This will be used to reflect on what you have done so well. Involving

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