Mgt 311 Week 4.4 Group Dynamics Analysis

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Week 4 4 Group Dynamics Due: Monday 26 March (a) Read and reference an article or chapter (Internet, journal or book) that explains why some groups communicate effectively and other groups communicate ineffectively. List and explain three important points that it makes about group dynamics. “One such way is through interpersonal confirmation and dis-confirmation.” (Ellis, 2009) 1) This basically says that when people receive good feedback/responses, they feel better about themselves and value themselves more. On the other hand, when a member receives bad feedback/responses, they feel worse about themselves and value themselves less. “A cohesive group tends to be attracted to one another and forms a loyalty to one another.” (Ellis, 2009)…show more content…
They form bonds as a group together rather than being forced together. They want to succeed for the whole group as it is a morale boost for everyone to do well and improve cohesiveness. While on the other hand a group that doesn’t want to work together and doesn’t form a loyalty/bond with one another will ultimately put the whole group’s goals behind them and work for themselves. “Related directly to good communication skills are good listening skills. These skills are extremely important in the communication world.” (Ellis, 2009) 3) This basically says that without listening in a group people will never get their opinions heard and ultimately let down the group. There are many different types of listeners, and some people listen better than others. This is critical to group dynamics, as someone in the group who doesn’t listen can fail the whole group. (b) Think about a group or groups you have been in this trimester. Use the information from the article you have read and material covered in class and discuss at least four reasons why communication in the group was or was not

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