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Week Three Learning Team Assignment Two The warning signs of anxiety are not common knowledge due to the taboo on the subject in society today. Anxiety can be caused by culture or religion and can become quite overpowering. Whether it is public, or private, anxiety can be a sore subject to speak about. Anxiety may be a normal part of our human lives, but many different clinical psychologists have different opinions when it comes to discussing anxiety, and what is acceptable. We will be discussing how students are affected by anxiety before taking a big exam and if students benefit or not by practicing or being taught by the instructor methods to lessen their level of anxiety. Anxiety is a natural part of the human experience. Most people…show more content…
This will help if students are not being assisted by the instructor. Another way for those students that are being taught by the instructor may want to ask valuable questions that may aid them before the big exam. Also having one on one help from the instructor may help if some of the students are struggling. Get a good night’s rest will also help with the stress and anxiety. When using hypothesis testing we use five steps, these steps are: restating the question as a research hypothesis and a null hypothesis about the population, determine the characteristics of the comparison distribution, determine the cutoff sample score on the comparison distribution at which the null hypothesis should be rejected, determine the sample score on the comparison distribution, and decide whether to reject the null hypothesis. In doing so, we can make the best hypothesis possible and know the conclusion will be exactly what we want, and right. This is what we did when we hypothesized about anxiety. Big exams can make anyone have problems with anxiety, but using hypothesis testing can show us at what rate people do have this type of

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