Mgt 311 Week 3

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Week Three Reflection Week Three Reflection Weekly Objectives • Determine strategies to help develop effective groups and teams. • Determine strategies to resolve conflict within organizations. What you learned? Team B learned that when working in group setting, people usually will conform or display deviant workplace behavior. In some cases, individuals in a group will comply or agree with the other members, even if they know it is wrong, just to fit in. There are also those who display deviant workplace behavior. They show up late, steal from the company and fellow employees, gossip, verbally abuse others, and spread gossip. Groups are reflections of the strongest traits of the group and force conformity on the members of the group. Communication is very effective and plays an important role for an effective team or organization. Work through the conflict and collaborate to help benefit a team or organization. By using the Thomas and Kilmann conflict mode will help any team or individual to communicate, avoiding conflict, competing conflict, accommodating conflict, compromising conflict, and collaborating conflict. What objectives you struggled with? We decided determining which strategy to resolve conflict within an organization can be very difficult. Fitting the right technique to the situation as well as taking the different personality types into consideration and understanding that not all conflict is bad. There are five ways to resolving conflicts in an organization: accommodating, avoiding, collaborating, competing, and compromising. Each conflict that arises in a workplace has its own uniqueness. There may be similarities but none are alike. As a manager, it is necessary to approach and deal with each conflict on a case-by-case basis. We also agree that we do not see a strong difference between teams and groups. It appears the only

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