Mgt 311 Team Strategy Plan

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Week 4 Individual Assignment Natalie Valdes MGT/311 June 4, 2012 Colleen Cleveland Part I: Team Strategy Plan |Strategy |Strengths |Weaknesses | | |-Team will thrive of differences of all |-Team success depends on prior knowledge of| |Abilities of Members |teammates. |others. | |Team’s performance depends on the |-Team as a whole will gain from the |-Puts pressure on those who have more skill| |knowledge, skills, and abilities of its…show more content…
|given a solid task. | |various roles are filled. |-Employees become eager to please and |-Un-trained employees could take on more | | |participate so that the team becomes |than they can handle. | | |successful. | | | |- Diverse teams should benefit from |-Teams can become less creative when based | |Diversity of Members |differing perspectives and do better. |on diversity combining. | |Diversity pertaining to, team size, team |-Sharing a common ground allows for a sense|Ex. A team built of all middle-aged women | |characteristics: race, gender, age, years |of community and a better work environment.|will not necessarily know how to market to | |with the company (experience) | |a group of young men between 15-18 years
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