Mgt 311 Team Strategy Plan & Conflict Management Plan

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Team Strategy Plan & Conflict Management Plan Shekia Crossman MGT/311 5 November 2012 Rick Benito Team Strategy Plan Is it better to be part of a team or a group? “A work group is a group that interacts primarily to share information and make decisions to help each member perform within his or her area of responsibility” (Robbins and Judge, 2011, p.315). A work team, on the other hand, involves a group combining their skills and talents and deciding how they will work together. One of the greatest characteristics of a team is its positive synergy. A plan is often necessary when creating teams. That plan involves identifying the various strategies that are available to build teams, what challenges or barriers may happen, how will the best strategy be determined, and what measures will be used to determine if the team is operating successfully. Newly hired superintendents with Riordan Manufacturing have the job of leading new teams and beginning the production of the newly designed CardiCare Valve heart valves. This is taking place at the organization’s Pontiac, MI location. The Pontiac location is currently manufacturing custom plastic parts. The company is expected to hire new employees and the current employees come from other divisions. There are five strategies to choose from when choosing a team strategy plan. The strategies include: clear expectations of goals, channels of communication, conflict resolution, consequences, and celebrating achievements as a team. The team formation strategy that is most suitable for Riordan Manufacturing is the clear expectation of goals strategy. This strategy is determined as best because the roles of the team members will be clear. They will know what is expected from them, as well as what is expected from each other team member. This is exactly what they need. Everything at the Pontiac location is new so

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