Mgt 311 Professional Assessment

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Assessment testing is used in organizations in order for management to learn what needs improving and what is successful within the organization. The following assessments are from present employees that voices their opinions on their personal organizations. As a result it is imperative to figure out what changes could be made too, their organization that would best fit these employees. Assessment Qualities The three employees that took the assessments have a different viewpoint of their workplace, their jobs, and their present positions. Some of these employees enjoy their work and have to find the time to regulate their schedules to administer personal time for themselves. For instance, Randy, a man that enjoys his job and is dedicated to his work has issues with finding boundary lines for himself. At work, Randy can be the top employee because of his dedication to work however, his lack of social and personal life takes a toll on him as a person. In his assessment, Randy explains how he has a low level of absenteeism and a low turnover. He has to become more satisfied with his work and very engaged and to his work. Randy is dedicated and persistent in the face of obstacles. He is a team player and is proud of the work he accomplishes. Randy displays positive emotions and has a positive influence on his co-workers. His demeanor allows his to be happy and strive to do their best. He has high levels of positive emotional intensity, which can also counteract as well. He possesses the ability to perceive, evaluate, express, and regulate his emotions and feelings. Randy has high emotional stability and conscientiousness. Before making a decision, he evaluates the pros and cons, which assist in avoiding rash decision-making. The next employee that took the assessment is a woman by the name of Tina. Tina has many obstacles in her professional career presently and

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