Mgt 307 Week 4 Essay

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Groups and Teams MGT 307 October 19, 2011 Professor Geraldine Briceno Groups and Teams Many people think that groups and teams are one in the same, when in reality they are similar maybe in appearance but not in facts. Groups and teams are different from each other in many ways. As a student at University of Phoenix, the author has learned the difference in first hand. As a person who comes from a Hispanic background, the author also has experience diversity not only in the workplace but wherever she visits or shops. In continuation to this topic the author will be giving an explanation of the differences between a group and a team, an examination of the importance of workplace diversity in an organization, and how it relates to team dynamics in the workplace. Difference Between Groups and Teams When researching further about the differences between groups and team one can clearly see that groups are about individuals, while teams are about the whole amount of persons involved. In groups there is single accountability, while in teams there are single and mutual accountabilities. Groups focus on goals of one person, while in teams is focused on the goals the team has as a whole. Also in groups it is everyone for themselves, while in teams they are concerned with how everyone is going to be affected by the outcome of the challenges they are faced with. Another important difference is, the goals from groups are established by managers, while in teams it is established by the team leader with all team members. Workplace Diversity Organizations need to maintain diversity in the workplace. This is because an organization with diversity will bring persons who come from different backgrounds. Having diversity in organizations will bring creativeness into the business. Furthermore, having diverse employees will bring different and even better
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