Mgt 230 Week 2 Essay

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The first class was very interesting in discussing the functions of a good manager. The class embarked on new ideas of how a company could benefit from a strong person in business skill and company management. Decision making is part of everyday life whether an individual is part of management or has a leadership position or not. The in-class discussion went into detail regarding the four functions of management and the steps to decision making. According to Champion and James (1989), the best managers make decisions constantly (p. 89). The internal and external factors that every person that is in management has to deal with are something that are a part of management. Managers or leaders will always have distractions and the to-do-list goes out the window. However, using the decision making tools makes for a more successful leader. We discussed the four functions of management which are, organizing, controlling, directing and planning. Planning is the principal area of managing a business and sets the tone of how your company will be operated making it a constant process. Strategic planning analyzes the internal and external problems that may affect the company objectives and goals. After all the planning is done a good manager will organize all resources then direct and oversee all staffing and behavioral issues. He may also offer incentives for excellent performances. Good management must have good Controlling skills to operating successfully and professionally. Prior to this class discussion the author was unaware of the many hats a manager must put on in the course of a shift. With this knowledge one enter into a company armed with the confidence that he could an outstanding job because by implementing the four planning tools above. References Champion, J., & James, J. (1989). Critical Incidents in
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