Mgt/230 Moving States Research Paper

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Erik M. Nutt MGT/230 MOVING STATES In the process steps I took was learning that switching states was going to be hard for me, but the steps I took to learn that it was for the best was to move close to my family cause there getting that age where I want to be close to them if anything happen being in the mid 60’s makes them a lot more cautious with age and I love them with all my heart. So the first step I took in making my decision was realizing there was a problem and figuring out a way to manage my income better cause living check to check and having no car in Hawaii was not working for me so I took drastic measures to move back to Texas. By doing so I saved time and money and I was able to get more stable cause I bought a car and have cheaper…show more content…
I found out also that Dallas, Texas was 5th in the nation for growing opportunity’s in the market for my career so I know I made the right choice already I have a gorgeous home and sports car and I’m only 3 hours from my family versus a 6 hour plane ride if something happen to them I would be destroyed if I couldn’t be with them in time of need they have always been there for me so I think I know I made the right decision. I think I made a vigilance choice by moving states so in regard of my situation versus the text in chapter 3 I took all processes of decision making to make my decision the process of making it really count was evaluation my alternative decision and realizing if I stay ed in Hawaii I would have been struggling without a car and its harder to get a job in a tourist state that wants you to speak Japanese now as a second language to increase business so I made the right choice moving back to Texas I have a job interview coming up for a real estate company that is going to offer me base pay plus pay for my license and give me commission that only

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