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Review Questions Name Marta Kasiala Answer the following questions (use MS Project Help, if necessary): 1. What is the difference between a main summary task and a summary task? Main Summary task is the highest level of information and is the title of the project. Main summary task has every other task in the project falling under it in the outline. So Project summary task rolls all other tasks under it. Main Summary task’s duration is the Project duration while Proj summary task’s cost is the total project cost. The summary tasks are the little sub-projects that hold only a few events. They are like small modules of the complete project. 2. On the View Tab, what does the Outline button with plus and minus signs do? The outline button with a plus & minus sign either rolls up the subtasks or unrolls them. So if the summary tasks are rolled under the main summary tasks, there will be a plus sign. When the plus sign is clicked, it becomes minus. At the same time all the tasks under the plus task are revealed. 3. What is a milestone? A Milestone is a major event in a project and is used to monitor project progress. Any task with zero duration is automatically displayed as a milestone but we can mark any other task of any duration also as a milestone. A milestone also represents an event that marks the completion of a group of related tasks in the project. 4. What predefined report can you not make changes to the header and footer? Project Summary report 5. Give a real-world example of a) A successor task requiring lead time Start making the approach road before the fabricated Model is delivered. Switch on the Oven so it can attain required temp before you put in the muffins. b) A successor task requiring lag time Cool the recently annealed glass bottles before they are sent for bottling.
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