Mgmt 591 Case Study

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MGMT 591 1/26/14 Group and team development Part 1- Group development All the parties involved; The Woodson foundation, the school district and the NCPIE all ultimately have the same goal, which is to have a successful school system in the D.C. area. To start off, I would first define a group to have a better understanding of what these three parties want to build to know where they stand in the development stage. The text defines a group as “two or more individuals, interacting and interdependent, who have come together to achieve particular objectives.” (Robbins 272), and to be more specific this group would be a formal group as they are brought together for a task/ project. There are five stages of group development which are; forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning. With this group and from my understanding of where they are from reading the case, I would conclude that they are in the storming stage. The reason I came to the conclusion is because from the textbook’s definition of forming which is when “great deal of uncertainty about the group’s purpose, structure, and leadership” (Robbins 275) and from the case study it shows that all the parties do understand that they are part of the group and know what their purpose is, so they have completed that stage. Norming is the third stage and it is described as a stage where there is cohesiveness and a strong relationship between the group members. From what I have read in the case with the worries from the School district that the Woodson foundation will have all the power and the NCPIE believing that the school district is going to eat up all the money, there isn’t yet cohesiveness in the group. This is why I say they are in the storming stage, because even though they understand that they are a group, there is still conflict on how things should be done and who is to be in charge and
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