Mgmt 521 Improving Team Performance

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Running head: ANALYSIS – TEAM CHARTER Improving Team’s Performance Through Team Charter UOP - MGMT 521 – Week III Assignment Abstract Differences, makes the life interesting and challenging. Every Individual is different by nature and has varied strengths and weaknesses. Success lies in tapping each individual’s strengths and overcoming their weaknesses. As a Team, we all have to make sure to utilize each others strong personality traits and help each other to overcome and strengthen the weak points. It is easier to arrive at a solution, once you know the problem. So we will be examining each of the team members individual personal qualities with respect to their “Do I Trust Others?” and “How Good Are My Listening Skills?” assessment results, and based on the same, ensure that the Team Charter helps all of us in increasing our Team performance. Improving Team’s Performance Through Team Charter…show more content…
There are other parameters, which are important, but Trust is one of the most important, of all. Mark (2) and Linda (3) have both scored a little less on the “Do I Trust Others?” assessment test. This is a challenge for me to instill the confidence in them, that people are trustworthy. This might be because of their past experiences with people, which made them think like this. But I will support and help them to regain that Trust. Since both Linda and Mark have scored 47 and 49 in their “How Good Are My Listening Skills” assessment, which is fairly good score. This gives me a lot of confidence, as they are ready to listen. It provides me an opportunity, an opening to their hearts and minds. I will try to reaffirm the trust in them so that our team can have a solid foundation. The Team Charter (Moman, Ladans & Sharma (2009). Learning Team B Team Charter) which we all have prepared together, will be the first stepping stone and will help us to improve our teams

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