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The Reign of Zero Tolerance Case Study Should Applied Devices modify any parts of its zero-tolerance program? Absolutely, before they have no more employees left to terminate due to this extraordinarily strict policy. The company dismissed a great employee that was contributing to the company’s overall bottom line with hard work, dedication, honesty, not to mention that they also added diversity to the company’s employee pool, since Simon (the employee that was terminated) was originally from England working with a work permit. The CEO, Don, really literally took the whole six sigma phenomenon, and seemed to apply it to every department within the company, including human resources, like it’s possible for employees to be error free or have no defects while at work all of the time. This area is where the line should have been more clearly defined with the HR manager Shirlee and Don, because it cost a hardworking employee his job. If the CEO and the HR manager felt they had to hire a retired FBI agent that owned his own security consulting firm to crack down on internet, website and email violations, then they need to get their money back, or rather, the company’s money back since the FBI agent doesn’t know how to research “indecipherable equations” (Gerson, 2006). There was no investigating on those equations or the fact that Jordan (where some of the emails came from to Simon from his friend Martin), although in the Middle East, is a NATO ally to the United States, which happened in the mid 1990’s, and only strengthened after the 9/11 attacks. “Traditionally close ties between the CIA and the Jordanian Spy agency known as the General Intelligence Department strengthened after the September 11, 2001 attacks” (Warrick, 2010). So, it would be interesting to see what countries are not on this “approved list” (Gerson, 2006) that the FBI agent had documented that was
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