Mgmt 3120 The Learning Diary

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MGMT 3120: Managerial Leadership Spring 2013 Professor Huiwen Lian THE LEARNING DIARY Use this Learning Diary to record key points and personal insights after classes. Reflect on the information (e.g., lectures, readings, class discussions, in-class activities) you receive from the classes, and then record your thoughts. THE LEARNING DIARY #1 NAME: STUDENT NO.: SESSION: GROUP: |Due Date: Thursday Feb. 28 | |Topics: Leadership traits, team building and leadership | A. What were the key issues/key points raised in these sessions? B. What is the significance of this learning for you? C. How can you use this learning in your leadership? THE LEARNING DIARY #2 NAME: Leung Sui Yee, Helen STUDENT NO.: 20038601 SESSION: L1 GROUP: 4 |Due Date: Tuesday, Mar. 19…show more content…
There are different outcomes of using different bases of power. For example, if we use legitimate power, it has strong power to make others to comply but it has poor relationship effect. On the other hand, reward power has relatively strong effect on all aspects, which are complying, long last, acceptance and relationship. In the second part of the power and influence session, Professor first shared her valuable experience with us, and after that the leadership application of the principles of persuasion was discussed in the lesson. Basically, there are six principles of persuasion, if we can correctly adopt the principles, it will be much easier to make people to say yes to
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