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1. Define the term “collective bargaining” and list and describe four issues that are mandatory components of a collective bargaining agreement. Tips for success: • Have a clear Introduction, Body, and Conclusion for each question. • If I ask you to define something, please do not give me something from a dictionary. Be more creative than that. • Make sure you follow the MLA formatting style. You should be familiar with this by now. Note: I prefer, so I required, the use of parenthetical citations (I hate to have to scroll to see your references) • Make sure your source is credible. For example, do not give me anything you saw at – Wikipedia is a free-for-all site. Anyone can publish there, but these sources are not credible. • Make sure you discuss the relevance and/or applicability (to the question) of the source material you are using (and citing) in support of your offering. Paraphrasing or summarizing is always a nice touch. Here's an example from a previous student's paper: "The May 2010 issue of EPSU (http://www.something.something) discusses the plight of French firefighters who took action to try to get the government to declare their jobs as dangerous and to agree to special retirement agreements. At the time of the writing of this article, the firefighters and the government were preparing for what would be sure to be upcoming demonstrations. The same May 2010 issue discusses the launch of opposition against the government due to job cuts. It is the French government’s intention to cut at least 15% or their workforce or at least 5000 jobs between now and 2011. This demonstrates to us that collective bargaining is not just an action that is taken here in the United States, but in almost any country where labor seeks not only to be gainfully employed, but to be employed under conditions that will allow

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