Mexico V. United States Police

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Mexico vs. United States Police The Mexican police are very similar to the United States police. The Mexican police forces share at the federal, state, and municipal levels just as the United States’ police forces do. They have many overlapping levels of authority. The federal police are known as the General Directorate of Police and Traffic. The federal police are part of the Ministry of Government. The General Directorate has four different divisions and is divided up as such as; preventive, riot, auxiliary, and traffic and investigation. The General Directorate is 30,000 strong. OF this 30,000, one thousand are female officers. Also, on the federal level is the Federal Judicial Police. They are under the command of the Public Ministry, which conducts criminal investigations and represents Interpol in Mexico. The two thousand Federal Highway Police patrol federally marked highways and they investigate auto accidents. Small police forces are also maintained in the health, railway, and petroleum industries. The federal police are organized like the military. They have thirty-three battalions. Thirty-one of these battalions are numbered and include; the preventive police, auxiliary police, auxiliary private police, administrative police, and women’s police. The unnumbered battalions are the Grenadiers and the Transport battalion. The Grenadiers are a riot-control force that includes a motorized brigade. The federal district and each of the states has its own police. The official name of Mexico is the United Mexico States. It covers an area of 756,000 square miles and a population of almost one hundred million people. There are thirty-one states and a federal district. The state police enforce state laws. The larger cities have special units, which include the Park Police and the Foreign Language Police. The large urban areas have many

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