Mexico War on Drugs with the Cartels Essay

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Mexicans’ want their freedom back!! How did Mexico get so bad and why? How bad is it really in Mexico and is it safe at all to travel? Is there a solution to save the Mexican people? Who is willing to do something about it or are the political the ones in charge of all this corruption? Many Mexicans ask them self these questions every day. Is there really a solution to get rid of all the violence and killings going on every day in Mexican streets? With so much violence in such a beautiful country will Mexico every reach its day to ever say I live in a safe place. How did Mexico get so bad and why? President Valdez was the first to take power under (Partido Revolucinario Instituciones) PRI party. This is a party that has been in power for more than 70 years. President Ernesto Zedillo was the last president to be in office under the (PRI) party that’s when Mexico gets a big brake to bring the cartels down. It all started when Vicente Fox President of Mexico took power in December 1, 2000 to November 30, 2006 this was the big break that the Mexican government needed. As soon as, Fox’s got in to office he send to Nuevo Laredo Tamaulipas, Mexico over 500 army soldiers to try to control the sores of the problem. All it did was make them get stronger and move more to the center of Mexico. “La Familia Michoacán” which is the known to be the largest gang in Mexico that controls the biggest part of the drug industry moved to Michoacán, Mexico. (Wikipedia, “Time of the Mexican Drug War”August, 2007 ). Michoacán Morelia, Mexico this is the home town of the current president of Mexico Felipe Calderon. As soon as Calderon took office in December 1, 2006, “La Familia Michoacán” was the first cartel group he wanted out. Calderon was a member of the (PAN) party and the 88 president of Mexico. Not just because the sores was in his home town, but because he was the only

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