Mexico City Earthquake Essay

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Emma Folta Mexico City Earthquake Humans like being prepared for every possible scenario but some things are stronger than the control of man. This is what Mexico discovered at 8:40 am ET on the morning of 21 August 2013 some 167 miles south of Mexico City by Acapulco when a 6.2 earthquake at a depth of 18 miles shook the resort town. Minutes later an aftershock of 5.3 shook Mexico City. Fortunately in neither town was there any loss of human life except for 8 injuries in the surrounding towns in the Acapulco region. In Mexico City buildings swayed and one man injured his leg running out of a building. The damage was greater in Acapulco yet still not terrible staying at merely structural damage. This included knocking bricks and plaster off buildings, cracks in foundations and in the local university, and collapsing a concrete entrance gate at a local military base. Traffic lights also went out in Acapulco and children were sent home from school to be with their families during the disaster. Multiple hospitals and schools were damaged and the most recent update is that 19 cities and towns have been declared in a state of emergency because of structural damage which has effected 1,500 and 22,000 people. Mexico City has a high tech warning system for earthquakes which they utilized the morning of the 21st of August. After a terrible 8.1 earthquake in 1985 which killed 6000 people and destroyed many buildings in Mexico City from a location 250 miles away Mexico decided to implement their warning system. “Mexico City's earthquake warning system relies on a network of sensors that detect earthquakes in the seismically active zone along its Pacific Coast. Since electronic signals travel at 186,000 miles per second, much faster than the 7,000-mph speed of seismic waves, warnings can be sounded in Mexico City, some 150 to 200 miles away, with a minute or two of

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