Mexican Revolution Vs Russian Revolution Essay

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The Mexican Revolution and the Russian Revolution were two similar 20th century revolutions. These revolutions had their differences too, which told each of them apart. Both of the revolutions were led by uprisings within their social environments. The two countries individually followed a different form of rule or government. These two revolutions are among the most well known in history. They are well known due to the nature of the events that took part in them. The Russian government first consisted of an autocracy system of government, by the Tsar through its army, the police officials and the bureaucracy. The position of the ruler was issued by the Russian Orthodox Church and by the loyalty of the land-owning nobility. Their main executive…show more content…
The battle was fought over the control of Korea and Manchuria. The Japanese swiftly took control of Korea and immediately caused Port Arthur to surrender in 1905. The Japanese advanced to the north, which was the southern part of Manchuria and two months later defeated the Russians again at Mukden. The Russians had no chance against the Japanese and were defeated for the third consecutive time on the straits of Tshushima. This brought the battle to an end, and Japan managed to take over Korea and the southern half of Manchuria, at the peace signing of 1905. (Wood…show more content…
Both of the revolutions were led by either uprisings or revolts from the peasant people, who felt the suffrage of owning little land and suffering malnutrition. Their Rule of Government was different and so were their political standings. These nations had their own way of running things. Mexico was allowing its own people to make its own village decisions while Russia had to supervise what went down, in its local politics. The major conflicts they were in, caused these two nations to grow in strength and bring about their power through their own

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