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He was once known as an outlaw. He was once involved in writing Meixco’s history. Pancho Villa, formally named as Doroteo Arango Arámbula(fn), was an extremely successful Mexican revolutionary leader, he had won battle after battle in the revolution and made monumental contribution in political, social economic reforms. Yet along the long march for the revolutionary victory, he constantly changed his belief in respect of revolution. Ultimately, how did his career as a revolutionary leader ended with such a fiasco? Was it the insanity of the defeat drove him to invade New Mexico, or was the invasion another elaborated plan? Villa’s early life has remained controversial. However the most common version of Villa’s early life began with an older man attempted to rape Villa’s little sister; resulting young Villa took the shotgun and killed the man without conscious. (3) Accordingly, Villa escaped from crime scene and remained in the mountain’s as an outlaw hence. During the follow years, he joined a group of bandits who taught him how to rob and kill. Soon, Villa had realized the danger his notoriety could bring, so that he decided to change his name to Pancho Villa in remembrance of his grandfather . (4) During the time Villa was hiding from the authorities, Mexico was shaken by a series of fights and riots known as the Mexican Revolution, which attempted to transform the political and social system established by Porfirio Díaz, who had remained in power for over thirty years.1 Villa saw himself outwit numbers of the authorities, who were sent to capture him, he linked himself to the revolution somehow. In the origin of the revolution, the first attempt was inspired by Francis I. Madero, who sought the overthrow of Porfirio Díaz. Villa immediately offered service to rebel leader Madero, in order to defeat current leader Díaz. After the triumph of the

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