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The Mexican mafia, also known as "La eMe", is known as the most largest and ruthless gangs in the United States. Formed in 1957, the Mexican mafia is primarily known for its violent acts toward any person who is assumed to have crossed them. Luis "huero buff" Flores is credited with being the founder of the Mexican mafia. Mexican Mafia did not get its name when it first came together, the gang members at the time called it "mexikanemi". When the Mexican mafia was first organized, it consisted of about a dozen inmates at a facility in Tracy, CA. The first group of men introduced into the Mexican mafia was all picked from other Latino street gangs. A member who was an exception to the Hispanic race and ethnicity was Joe Morgan. Morgan was of Yugoslavian decent and in addition to his drug connections for La eMe, due to the fact that he was Caucasian, he was instrumental in aligning La eMe with the Aryan Brotherhood as allies. Before the gang created itself, the Department of corrections tried to prevent the Mexican mafia from expanding by sending members to different prisons. Instead of the gang breaking up, it recruited new members in other prisons and expanded. California Department of Corrections took full responsibility on the expansion of the Mexican mafia. The Mexican mafia has established two primary objectives. The first, they stated, was they wanted to show respect to their Maya and Aztec heritage. The second and most important objective was the gang formed to protect its members from prison guards as well as fellow inmates. The Mexican mafia has plenty of allies, but even more enemies. The known allies are said to be Surenos, Armenian Power, Mara Salvatrucha, Ayran brotherhood and New Mexico syndicate. Their enemies are known to be Nuestra Familia, Nortenos, Black Guerilla Family, and Arizona’s "new" Mexican Mafia and black street gangs.

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