Mexican Cuisine Essay

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Hugo Munoz English 101 Professor Ms. Thibodeau 10/1/11 Mexican Cuisine as Las Trancas If you are into foreign food, Las Trancas Mexican restaurant may be a grand experience. Mexican food is the combination of indigenous Mexican Indian cookery and the Spaniards’ cuisine, which had made its way to Mexico. Mexican food much like Italian food is especially bold in flavor. Over the last decade we have witnessed a vast increase of foreign food establishments across the United States. Among these the most popular are Chinese and Mexican restaurants. In addition now days, people tend to eat out more frequently than in the past. At first the American people had the misconception of all Mexican food being ridiculously spicy. Many messages were shown in cartoons as I was growing up. As they began eating out at Mexican restaurants, the people of our nation have embraced these different cuisines. There are five Las Trancas Mexican restaurants in the northern east coast of the USA, three of which are in West Virginia, one in Ohio and one in Virginia. This Chain of restaurants is owned by the Arellano family, originally from Jalsico, Mexico. The Arellano family took advantage of business opportunities available along with their knowledge of flavorsome food recipies. The Las Trancas I visited is located in New Pointe Plaza in Clarksburg about 35 miles south of Morgantown traveling down Interstate 79. It was opened in 2007 and has been very successful. If you consider taco bell, Qdoba and Chipotle to be tasty prepare yourself for a feast. Las Trancas offers a large selection of food, from which includes grilled meats, seafood, two types of rice’s, and dishes that you can only find south to the border. The prices are fairly cheap and range mostly from seven to thirteen dollars for entrees. At Las Trancas once your party is seated, complementary crispy chips and

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