Mexican Americans: Poorest Minority Groups In The United States

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When considering Hispanic Americans many people assume that they all are the same being of one group. There is many different Hispanic groups with a multitude of cultures. We cannot just assume Hispanics are all the same. Neither can we just assume they all have the same political views, customs, religious beliefs, and many other things that make each one unique. Each Hispanic group is unique in many ways while being similar at the same time. While identifying certain views and cultural beliefs amongst different Hispanic groups we will be able to grasp the commonalities and differences. The United States Hispanic population is growing tremendously and will continue to grow more and more over the years. The Hispanic community…show more content…
They go to work daily making little wages in hopes of one day discovering the American dream. Mexican Americans are known to be one of the poorest minority groups in the United States (Richard T. Schaefer, 2006). This is because of the poor education they have received (Richard T. Schaefer, 2006). Most Mexican Americans come to the United States to work and send most of their money back home to their families. Mexican Americans tend to be more prejudice than any other ethnic group. This is because in Mexico there are only Mexicans who live there. Due to this Mexican Americans tend to segregate themselves in society. Mexican Americans are family oriented with the husband dominating being the authority figure. Most Mexican Americans are catholic in…show more content…
Most Cuban Americans come here from Cuba to escape their horrible living arrangements, poor economy, and worst of all their government. Many Cuban Americans speak both English and Spanish except some of the other Cuban American generations. Those that were born in Cuba and have not been here in the United States long are the few that does not know how to speak English. A large percent of Cubans live in Miami Florida. Were they live as a net community? Most Cuban Americans belong to the Roman Catholic religion. Cuban American are politically active with many in the House of Representatives. Unlike other Hispanic groups Cuban Americans have been economically successfully by transforming Miami Florida from a beach vacation to one of the most popular, thrived for cities in the United States. Cuban Americans are known for how social they are. They tend to be known for the parting. Cuban Americans are family oriented and remain close throughout their

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