Mexican American Minorities

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Hispanic Americans have come to be categorized as all one group. Many fail to realize that there are many groups each with their difference and similarities. Hispanic is a term used to express some one that speaks Spanish. There are many different groups but for this paper I will specifically write about Mexican American, Puerto Ricans, Cuban, and Central Americans. Mexican Americans have had a long history with United States. Back in the 1800’s part of American belongs to Mexico, which included: California, Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico. By the end of the war Mexico gave up Texas and surrenders the other states. Mexico was given 15 million dollars and the US granted citizenship to 75,000 Mexican National (Schaefer, 2006).…show more content…
This is due to hostility over those who have come to the mainland having been able to obtain jobs, get an education and master the language. The hostility is due them having to compete for the same jobs in their island. Cuban American are third in numbers only with Mexican American and Puerto Ricans. ‘’Their presence in American dates back to 1830 with only small settlements that are surround by cigar manufacturing firms (Schaefer, 2006).’’ There have been three major waves of immigration to the states, the first one dating back to the 1960’s. The first wave was about 200,000 people after Castro took over the country. The next wave was in between 1965- 1973 were more than 340,000 in program called the Freedom Flight. The last one was in 1980, were 124,000 refugees fled Cuba (Schaefer, 2006). Even though Cuban has not had many years in American, they are doing really well. Their presence is seen overwhelming in Florida. They even have adopted Miami, Florida as little Havana. They have re-created Cuba in Miami. Cuban have been able to have a good life here in the states. They been able to complete college twice the…show more content…
Central American and South American have been a group that has not be studied much. In fact many government or nations treat these groups into one category such as being Mexican. What many do not realize that not all are alike. For some the only thing that ties them together is the Spanish language or that they all are map right under Mexico. Some countries such as Brazil speak Portuguese, other speak French or Dutch. All of these countries are different because of the fact that there is a mixture of people. When African slaves were brought to these countries they married the indigenous people as well as the Europeans did too. Because of the mixture of people, they have to describe their skin color in a color gradient from light to dark. There is no just white, brown or black. Terms such as Mestizo Hondurans, mulatto Colombians, or African Panamanians reflect have been used to identify them. Even the language and the color gradient difference, they are also difference is religion, and the dialect. Central and South

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