Mexican American Imperialism Essay

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1. Mention four new findings that you learned from this reading? From Leticia Guardiola I got a better understanding of the Mexican-American view of imperialism. She does a good job of breaking down the effects of the Spaniards demolishing the religious systems of the indigenous ancestors. It wasn’t much better with the protestant missionary groups that came from the United States. They too have a destructive effect similar to that of the first evangelization of the Spaniards. These evangelists expressed their universal way of reading and interpreting the Bible. In the end, it only served to encourage an Anglo-European experience of Christianity. I really enjoyed Leticia Guardiola’s view of the Canaanite women, I thought she really made the story come to light in a vivid way. The questions of “what if” the Canaanite women was actually challenging the status quo and looking for equal treatment. Guardiola really give the story a new light and I really enjoyed how she grew the story and ending with “what if”. What is the Canaanite women was not begging Jesus for a favor but demanding restitution? What if she was not worshiping Jesus but defying him? The recasting of the story was really inspiring. Gonzalez makes a case for genealogies and those that try and derive a linage of privileges. I like that he went back and broken down the linage in the scriptures to show that the Old Testament characters where not perfect, but far from it. This really isn’t news to me, but the context in which he puts it give me a greater appreciation that no one if perfect. The fact that today theology (or mainstream biblical teaching), tend to ignore the obvious facts of biblical characters falling short. That today’s semi Marcionism view of the Old Testament has a political agenda to promote an Anglo-American view of scriptures. I also like Gonzalez view of Psalm 119:105

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