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According to the research that I found the first Mexicans arrived in Chicago around 1910. They came because of economic, social, and political displacements of the Mexican Revolutionary years and the rise in industrial and agricultural employment in the United States. They worked as skilled ad unskilled labors in laborers agriculture and heavy industry. Companies like the Rock Island, Santa Fe, and Burlington railways; Inland Steel; U.S. Steel; Beetsugar Company; and the Armour and Swift packinghouses hired them . Most of the males came into Chicago from agricultural fields throughout the Midwest and from towns and villages in Texas and the Central Mexican states of Guanajuato, Michoacán, and Jalisco. Most from the middle class . Some Mexicans were hired to break steel and packaging house strikes in the late 1910 and 1920 .They crossed the picket lines just so they could work which put them in conflict with the European workers. The, enganchistas, labor recruiters worked in Northern Mexico to recruit Mexican laborers for the United States. Migration increased as word spread in the 1920 as work spread about jobs that were available in Chicago. Business in Chicago lobbied to exempt Mexicans from the restrictions of the 1924 Immigration Act. When they got here they found housing substandard, crowded, and expensive. A lot of landlords charged the Mexicans higher rent , they by responded by having more people living together in order to pay the expensive rents, thus compounding health and sanitation problems in already dilapidated buildings. Men would live in one or two rooms, where families took in borders to pay the high rent. They lived in the Calumet region on the near west side of the city. They Mexican males lived among the large Eastern and southern Europeans groups. They social lives life revolved around local pool halls, barbershops, and settlement

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