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METU SFL Department of Modern Languages ENG 101 Midterm Examination Date: 1 December 2012 1 December 2012 Time and Place: To be announced by class instructors and at MLD. Students must go to the exam hall at least 15 minutes before the exam starts. If you are late, you will NOT be allowed to take the listening part of the exam. Total points: 20 Duration of the exam: 90 minutes Objectives: The purpose of the exam is to assess students’ ability to:  listen for the main idea  listen for specific information  understand key ideas in a text  recognize the relationship between ideas in a text  deduce the underlying meaning in sentences or parts of a text  deduce the meaning of unknown vocabulary items  infer implied main idea in a text  achieve unity and coherence in a text Content: Part I. While Listening: In this section, you will listen to a recording once and answer several questions. Part II. Reading Comprehension: In this section, you will read a text and answer questions about it. This section includes comprehension and reference questions as well as guessing vocabulary questions using context clues. Part III. Implied Main Idea: In this section, you will infer and write down the main idea of a short paragraph. Part IV. Transitions: In this section, you will fill in the blanks of an excerpt with the transitions in a box. Part IV. Unity and Coherence: This section contains 2 parts. In part 1, you will decide which of the alternative sentences fit best in the blanks in a text. In part 2, you will be asked to find the sentence that disrupts the unity of a text.

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