Metts Modalities Essay

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Metts’ Modalities Inventory: Delores Lee: Modality Scores: Visual: 31 Auditory: 19 Kinesthetic: 19 The results of the Metts’ Modality Inventory reveals a very accurate picture of my learning modality. Visual Modality: As a visual learner I need to visualize information before fully processing the information. I enjoy reading all subjects and topics. I learn best when reading the information as oppose to listening to a lecture. My learning experiences are greatly enhanced by utilizing various visual tools such as charts, graphs, posters, movies, videos, television, and computers. As a visual learner I can benefit greatly from visualizing the information while simultaneously listening to the information. As an educator I present materials, and instructions in written form as well as orally to meet the needs of visual and auditory students in the classroom setting. The visual learner comprises 40%-50% of the general population. Auditory Modality: As an auditory learner I must listen intently to the information being presented. The process of taking excellent notes and listening attentively for key words and phrases assists me in processing information in the auditory format. The auditory learner comprises 10%-15% of the general population. As an educator when I am presenting information to my class daily, this information is presented in sequential order. The classroom assignments are repeated several times for clarity and cohesiveness. This process ensures that each student understands the expectations of the assignments. As a dedicated and concerned educator I must provide opportunities for genuine class room learning based on individualized student needs. As an educator it is my responsibility to engage each student based on the students’ individual learning style. Once the students’ academic weaknesses are identified the students’ learning process can
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