Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance (MDHA)

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Evaluating Eligibility Rules The organization and evaluation of eligibility rules that will be focused on in this paper is the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance (MDHA). The MDHA provides a variety of services which include area metropolitan shelters and several partner organizations. The partner organizations that the MDHA works in conjunction with include The City of Dallas, Social Security Administration, Veterans Affairs and Dallas County Health and Human Care, Law and Justice. Area shelters include not only homeless shelters that prepare and feed the homeless, assist with legal issues, addiction recovery services, teenage runaways, but emergency shelters as well. MDHA is considered to be the regional authority on homelessness. It purpose…show more content…
The passing of this regulation has many pros and cons. Objections to performing a certain job could be not only based upon religion, but also based upon personal moral beliefs. This could entail a receptionist at a hospital not wanting to perform specific job duties as assigned due to the fact that she objects to a procedure or finds something morally objectionable that might occur in the building; thus, creating a liability for the hospital. One example of an objection to this regulation is if an individual who is denied medical care that he or she seeks because of a pharmacist’s decision not to fill a prescription the bottom line result is the same. A person who needs and has the right to obtain medical care cannot get it. More specifically, if a female patient who has been the victim of rape who is seeking a morning after pill and is denied that pill or other health care; how is this fair to her, her health and her…show more content…
Bottom line in regards to this proposal is that there are the ethical rights of the health care employees as well as the right of the patient. The beliefs of both would be impaired if this regulation is passed. Close examination must be made and careful consideration must be exercised to effectively manage the needs and beliefs of both the patient/client and the provider. There are rights concerning patients and those providing the services, and fairness to all parties concerned must be considered when placing a regulation upon all health and human services

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